Ethical Sourcing

The Kimberley Process

The Kimberley Certification Process was first discussed in May 2000 when a number of African diamond producing states met in Kimberley, South Africa, to propose a scheme to ensure that the proceeds from the mining and sale of rough diamonds were not used to fund violence and civil unrest, designed to undermine legitimate government. 81 nations now participate in the Kimberly Process, accounting for 99.8% of global production. The certification is given only to diamonds produced in conflict-free areas, and to each nation that has agreed to meet the specified minimum requirement for the import, export and trading of rough and polished diamonds.

Newbridge Silverware works closely with its suppliers to ensure that the diamonds they offer to us for sale comply with all applicable laws and are certified conflict-free. We only purchase polished diamonds from sources which are members of the professional diamond trade.